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Back again,  figured while car in shop I would take a few minutes to check in.  I've decided to set some goals for myself to keep me motivated and creating.  At least 5 pairs of earrings a week.  And each week those earrings get placed in West End Garage, Cape May.  No delay.  Unless of course I have  a few friends who stop by and grab them before I even tag the pieces.  Which has been known to happen here or there. 

Above are a few samples of last weeks creativity.  These are now in Cape May waiting for someone to sweep them up to enjoy.  After all Valentines is right around the corner and if you don't have a sweet heart to buy them for you,  who cares,    go ahead and  treat yourself,  you deserve it.

.  Lots of colours, shapes and sizes to choose from.  Necklaces galore.  I am particularly excited about my new line I have created for the Spring,  so stay tuned my friends.

Well, time to go.  My dog is now on his second sock from the wash.  With running up and down the stairs after him,  trying to catch him  before he shreds the darn things,  I have completely lost my train of thought..  Frustrating,  but I am now going to try and get some more painting done and then head into studio to create this weeks earrings.

Ciao for now!!




Just waiting for the insurance guy to show up to re-assess.  So in the meantime I thought about checking in.

Well,  also, I can't wait to share my new work and get it into Cape May.  Very exciting for me to get into the studio and clear up part of the work bench  and hammer away my frustrations until my creativitely started to flow.  I think the banging away helped and three new pieces evolved.  Still need to wrap the finishing touches up.  Along with the three new necklaces i created this week I also put some great coloured earrings together and those are in the Store in West End Garage, Cape May, Nj.  So if you happen to be in the area please feel free to stop in to check them out.

Can't get into Cape May,  then you can also purchase these items from my online store.    I have been working frantically over the past few weeks to get the store back up and running and I thank everyone for their patients while I closed the store due to the move at first and then it remained closed due to Hurricane Sandy.    So,  thank you, thank you.

Well,  I think the insurance man is here.

Will check in soon to share my new pieces.

Have a great day.



Hurrican Sandy!! 


I understand that time has past since my last post.  Naturally many things have  occurred since then. Life mainly.   The excitement of moving into a new studio and home,  breaking out tools that have been in storage for such a long time.  Just when I started to get back into the swing of things, getting somewhat organized,   getting accustomed to our new home,  4 months later Hurricane Sandy hit the island, the water rose in places that never rose before.  Thankfully we were fortunate than most but Sandy has set my production back for the time being and life in general.  With a foot of water in the studio,  our roof being torn off by the wind,    equipment and supplies damaged in the studio and home contents damaged as well.  Repairs are still underway.   

Filling out papers, applications,  many phone calls. Adjusters, FEMA, Engineers,  Contractors.  Quite an experience I must say.  Like I said,  we are luckier than most.   There are still families displaced from their homes.  Some people with no homes to come back to.  It saddens me to still be hearing stories of people we know who still are unable to move back into their homes.  The  FEMA workers are working overtime and are overwhelmed.   These workers have come from all over the country to help with the disaster relief.  They too are away from their families and homes.  One of the people we met last week was from Atlanta, GA.  It was bitter cold last week,  something she was not accustomed to but she still said how beautiful the ocean was.  She took a  walk on the beach in Cape May, upon returning to her car,  she was frozen stiff.  Not use to the East coasts cold weather. 

Heck, last week we were not even use to that bitter cold weather.  Last year was so mild and Spring came early.  We too were spoiled.  The ocean was warmer sooner than usual as well.  it was a beautiful year until Sandy hit.  Halloween one week before Thanks giving.  it was a speical Halloween this year and important for  the children to go trick or treating and for as late as Ocean City had their Trick or treating(postponed twice due to debrit on te streets), I was pleasantly surprised to see how many families came out in full costume.  We ran out of candy.  I felt bad.

With the media gone,  the beach towns are slowly trying to restore back to what they once knew.  Cape May was one of the lucky towns.  No damage for the most part.  So,  West End Garage has been going strong,   although I feel that people think Cape May was hit By Sandy and have been staying away.  Not the case,  events are underway,  stores that are normally open during the winter months,  are open, restaurants are serving their delicious foods.  West End Garage is also operating on the Winter schedule but still open on the weekends and new arrivals coming in weekly.

I have found a small corner where I am able to create new pieces until the work is completed in the studio.  So be sure to stop into West End Garage to grab some fantastic new earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings.  Great colours.  Getting excited for all the Spring colours and styles.  I may be a little slow in getting pieces posted on the web,  so please be patient,   but as soon as I complete the pieces they are stocked and ready in the store.  Be sure to like my page on facebook.  First previews are usually there, then Twitter.  I try to keep up to date with those 2 social networks.  So follow me and you will  be kept in the loop.

Be sure to have a great day and I promise I will not wait another year to post.  Each day is getting better and better.

Cheers from Wydinya!!!


  Warm wishes to all for Thanks Giving.  Wishing everyone a wonderfull time on this special day. 
Sharing food and drinks with all who is special in your life. 

Be sure to head over to West End Garage for Black Friday.  Hours will be extented to 8pm,  Friday and Saturday. 

Happy Thanks Giving.




A warm welcome to the new addition to Wydinya's little shop at the West End Garage,  Gilda's Biscotti.  Gilda's Biscotti is dedicated to the preservation of the old style of baking. By using only wholesome, high quality ingredients in small batches, Gilda creates the finest, freshest, most authentic biscotti possible.   You must come in a try these tastey delights.

SInce 1996, Gilda's Biscotti has been creating artisan biscotti of only traditionally inspired flavors in small handmade batches.   Incorporating ingredients from local New Jersey farms.  Gilda's products are a must with any great cup of Joe.






Well,  I have feverishly been making those special ear adornments that  we all adore.  Incoorporating color, shapes and texture.  Just placed in store this week. So be sure to stop in to West End Garage,  Cape May, Nj.  Check out the photo above.  I just had to capture the light hitting all  the earrings.  AAAAHHHH,  Sunshine......

Plus more items from Craft Fountry,  books and jewellery have been added and of course new T-shirts from Caterpillar Fur.    Be sure to check back for new items added weekly. 


Just checking in. 

Yet again I have failed miserabley in keeping up regular posts.  My studio has been down for the past month or 2,  so I have been scrambling to get it together and with success we are almost there.  New earrings will be ready by the end of this week.  Soon to be in West End Garage.

Very exciting shapes and colours.  I know I have had several requests for the Spanish copper earrings and they will soon be hanging in the store soon.  This time I will be embellishing with some great coloured beads for a splash of colour. And creating an Amulet for a complete set. 

I discovered some really cool glass beads that I can't wait to share.  Pictures will be following this post soon.

Heading to the studio now.

Stay tuned.

And thank you to all who have been so patient with me.

Be well.





For some reason green is the theme in this post but there are more colour options to be added at West End garage, Cape May, NJ. 
This first image reminds me of a fish.  Hand hammered and then shaped out of a thick piece of copper wire.  The green glass briolette was a result of my last trip to New York City.  I just love this colour.

The seaglass piece was found along the coast of Peurto Rico many years ago and it has been securely wrapped with sterling silver wire and an oval shaped carnelian dangle accents this piece perfectly. 

And lastly copper wrapped and twisted,   this glass dagger like pendant hangs from a copper rolo chain.     I love the warmth and healing powers of copper.

Will be posting more of the new collection.  Very excited with the pieces aquired in New York and truly want to share before placing them in Cape May.

Cheers for now.


Sharren Dadswell


The ground is slowy awakening and the daffodils and cherry blossoms are our first indication that Spring is here.  This makes me so happy to see colours returning and more and more flowers emerging from our Mother Earth.
With the Spring flowers there is rain.  Welcome rain.  Welcome flowers blossoming.  And new collections emerging from Wydinya.  Fun large hoops.  Gorgeous coloured Mother of Pearl necklaces,  accented with chandelier glass tear drops.  Wydinya took a few fields trips to New York City and found some really amazing findings.  Also ate some wonderful food.  And found a great place to eat meat pies.  Yes meat pies.  Some good Australian restaurants in New York City.  Go figure.  Eight Mile creek in Soho had the fanciest meat pies with a red wine reduction for gravy.  Yum.  The puff pastry was to die for.  And if you are in a rush then there are a few locations to buy a bakers dozen and a variety as well.  Tucks has 3 locatiions for meat pies on the go.    Check them out if you are in the area.

Well,  going off on a tangent.  I guess i must be getting hungry and could really go for a meat pie right about now.  Wish they delivered this far South.

Wydinya's new collection will be in West End Garage before the end of the month.    Busy month for Wydinya.  A few events this month.   Will keep you posted.

Cheers for now.




It has been a long time.  The holiday rush,  family visitors.  What a great time to be had by all.  But unfortunately I have been neglectful about keeping regular updates.  Well, here is to the new year,  2011,  and to everyone I wish a prosperous and healthy year.

What have I been up to, you might ask??  Still creating on a regular basis,  I will post some of my new creations here.  Also,  become a fan on Facebook.  There you will see most of what I have been doing over the past months.  Here goes the Fan page.!/pages/Wydinya/43623251876  Please help me reach my goal of 300 likes.  Above just click on the icon and become a friend.    2 ways to keep updated on new items added to the store in Cape May, NJ or

West End Garage has been jumping with all the new spring items coming in.  You have to make it to Cape May, Nj and check out this fabulous array of talented peoples boutiques and awesome art.  Within this establshment is also the Artists Co-op of Cape May,NJ.  Local artists are juried and then invited to sell their wares here at West End Garage.  And of course be sure to head on back to See Wydinya's new home in West End Garge.  Just head on back.  I love the new space and my new neighbours.  WEst End has also recruited some new vendors.  The Mosaics and metal work is to die for.  Great detail and colourful mosaics.  Betsy's metal work is a great  addition to West End Garage.  The Divider is being eyed up by everyone who walks by it.  Worth Checking out.

Madd Potters are also one of my new neighbours at West End Garage.  Check out their garlic grater and server.  Some awesome and clever products for food and for jewellery.  Magnolia cafe is also a new addition.  Her refurbished furniture is amazing and she does a stunning job on displaying her work.  Well done Stephanie.  These are just a few new vendors in West End Garage.  Worth taking the trip to the jersey shore.  You will not regret it.  The West End Garage is forever changing and you just never know what you might find on any given day.  As a Store owner I am always plesantly surprised when taking the walk back to my store.,  seeing such wonderful home decor and fabulous clothing.  Trove and Seastar have fantastic home decor,.  Trove's eye for design and colour is fresh and tasteful.  The fabric they choose to reupholster is carefully selected and handprinted.  Any of their pieces is a fabulous addition to any home.  Sea star Boutiques line of home decor is rustic, yet elegant as well, with a contempory industrial flare,  Joannes throws in some colour with beautifully crafted felt pillows to accent.  These sculpted felted flowers are bright and cheerful.  A must see.

You can check out all these items on the West End Garage Facebook page.  New items are updated and posted here.

Time to check out for now.

Don't forget to become a fan of Wydinya and West End Garage.

Will make sure the next post is not so long.

Be Well.