It has been a long time.  The holiday rush,  family visitors.  What a great time to be had by all.  But unfortunately I have been neglectful about keeping regular updates.  Well, here is to the new year,  2011,  and to everyone I wish a prosperous and healthy year.

What have I been up to, you might ask??  Still creating on a regular basis,  I will post some of my new creations here.  Also,  become a fan on Facebook.  There you will see most of what I have been doing over the past months.  Here goes the Fan page. www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Wydinya/43623251876  Please help me reach my goal of 300 likes.  Above just click on the icon and become a friend.    2 ways to keep updated on new items added to the store in Cape May, NJ or www.wydinya.com

West End Garage has been jumping with all the new spring items coming in.  You have to make it to Cape May, Nj and check out this fabulous array of talented peoples boutiques and awesome art.  Within this establshment is also the Artists Co-op of Cape May,NJ.  Local artists are juried and then invited to sell their wares here at West End Garage.  And of course be sure to head on back to See Wydinya's new home in West End Garge.  Just head on back.  I love the new space and my new neighbours.  WEst End has also recruited some new vendors.  The Mosaics and metal work is to die for.  Great detail and colourful mosaics.  Betsy's metal work is a great  addition to West End Garage.  The Divider is being eyed up by everyone who walks by it.  Worth Checking out.

Madd Potters are also one of my new neighbours at West End Garage.  Check out their garlic grater and server.  Some awesome and clever products for food and for jewellery.  Magnolia cafe is also a new addition.  Her refurbished furniture is amazing and she does a stunning job on displaying her work.  Well done Stephanie.  These are just a few new vendors in West End Garage.  Worth taking the trip to the jersey shore.  You will not regret it.  The West End Garage is forever changing and you just never know what you might find on any given day.  As a Store owner I am always plesantly surprised when taking the walk back to my store.,  seeing such wonderful home decor and fabulous clothing.  Trove and Seastar have fantastic home decor,.  Trove's eye for design and colour is fresh and tasteful.  The fabric they choose to reupholster is carefully selected and handprinted.  Any of their pieces is a fabulous addition to any home.  Sea star Boutiques line of home decor is rustic, yet elegant as well, with a contempory industrial flare,  Joannes throws in some colour with beautifully crafted felt pillows to accent.  These sculpted felted flowers are bright and cheerful.  A must see.

You can check out all these items on the West End Garage Facebook page.  www.facebook.com/pages/The-West-End-Garage/267376724874  New items are updated and posted here.

Time to check out for now.

Don't forget to become a fan of Wydinya and West End Garage.

Will make sure the next post is not so long.

Be Well.


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