Art in the Park

Had a great day in Cape may.  The weather was perfect.  Thank you to everyone who came out to see me and share this beautiful day.  Met some great  people,  sold many of my peices and my jewellery was liked by all.  Great compliments happily received.  Thank you.

And to the person who liked my ring so much,  who couldn't live without it and decided to take it without paying.  Go well,  it is a one of kind hand painted ring.  Please be sure to tell your friends who the designer is and perhaps they will feel bad about your venture into the art show  and purchase the next time they enter any event of that type.  It is an awesome ring and deserves to be viewed by all.

Isn't this a great ring?????

Thank you to the happy new owners of Wydinya's designs.  Thank you for your awesome compliments.

Hope to see every one soon.


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