The Holiday Dust has Settled.

What a whirlwind   for the past 2 months.  Holiday sales abound.  Loading and unloading.  Time to reflect, regroup and reorganize.  The three "R"s after a long run.

Getting ready for the future events,  applications are coming in already for 2009.  Restocking new work in Bus Stop.  And for sure will be photographing new work and posting soon on website.  Keep checking back for updates.

Am away for Christmas Holiday and just listening to the peace and quiet, it is so relaxing.  The occasional seagull passing by.  The sound of the ocean.  So tranquil.  The new year is not here but we will be for sure celebrating doing the mummer's strut New Years day.   Thank goodness the Mummer's were able to raise enough funds to go on this year.  It would have been quite an upset for the city to have their tradition cancelled due to the baseball championships. Great job and it was great for the city.   But a bit disappointing for the city to even think about cutting the parade due to budget issues.

Well,  time to get breaky ready.   See you doing the strut down Broad Street.

Thank you for a wonderful year,  see you next year.
Have a safe and Prosperous year.


Sharren Dadswell

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