Sunday, Bloody Sunday and the World Cafe Art festival.

Well,  it is a gorgious Sunday morning,  the sun is beaming into the house the chimes are dancing to the gentle breeze and the dog is jumping with excitement to take a walk on this beautiful Sunday morning.
Me on the other hand,  I am thinking about the great fun I have had in the studio this week,  creating some fun one of a kind rings.
Ooooops,    sorry about that.  The dog desparately needed attention,  so i took care of that and it is now Wednesday.  The Phillies have won their world series,  the city is filled with energy and pride and the United States of America has had an outstanding and challenging election of all times.   And according to history,  the Democratic party has not won with these impressive numbers since 1964.  Before I was born.   Now that I am getting older,  that doesn't come by so frequently anymore.  not that I am complaining.  But that is a long time for the Democratic party to win by such numbers.
Back again,  days later,  I apologize for the gaps.   life is just running a muck right now and I am just trying to make the best of it.   So,  I have been making signs and new displays for the world cafe live event.  hoping it will all work out,   everything fits and people are drawn to my work.  I still haven't had a chance to photograph and post the new work.  So  I am hopeful that people will come out to see it,  touch it and perhaps try pieces on.  In the next few months I will be vigilent about getting pieces photographed and posted in the store.  but until then coming to the events will be the only way to catch some of the new work.  Time has just flashed by.  Too many weddings,  which is fantastic,  don't get me wrong.   And of course great fun to be had.  Life. 
So please try to make it out to the world cafe live festival,  this is a unique event  and I am excited to be a part of it.  And of course helping the local public radio station.
See you there!!!!
Shazza Dazza

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