Philadelphia Open Studio Tours.

Hope everyone enjoyed the studio tours.   There are some great new artists to check out and watch at league street studios.   It was great to see theier work and some were even working on openings while the tours were going on.   Now that is dedication.   Terrific seeing the work in motion.

I hope everyone is excited about the new work they have purchased this past weekend and telling all your friends about Wydinya.

Myself,  have now broken down that event and am now preparing for the World Cafe Live Event.  I THINK THIS COULD BE A GREAT EVENT TO COME AND CHECK OUT.    Although it is a $3 addmission charge,  I think it will be worth it.  There will be bands playing from what I have been  reading about and some great local artists to purchase their art work.  And it supports a great public radio station.    I think I am going to start my holiday shopping early. 
Well, enough gabbing,  time to get some work done.

Wow,  it is another year gone by and the tours have already begun.  The West side was last weekend.  Hope everyone got out to check out the talent that Philadelphia has to offer.

This year at League Street Studios should be a good one with new faces and talent to be seen.  Can't wait to take a gander at what everyone has been up to in their studios.

I have had a productive day in the studio myself and can't wait to share.  New type of Rivet rings,  bangles and earrings.  Also,  I found some really cool glass pieces that I think are the bomb.  Circles of life in glass form.  Fantastic colours,  can't wait to take some pictures and post on the site for everyone to see.  So keep in touch and check back often  so you don't miss out  the fun stuff that I have been creating.

  Don't forget to check out times and direction on the event page.  Just remember to look for the red door just off of the Italian market.  Bring your shopping list and don't forget to stop by Fante's for some great coffee or hot chocolate.  Keep yourself toasty while walking the tour.

See you this weekend!!!

Thanks for checking in.


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