Okay,   this winter is a doozy.  Are we ready for yet another snow storm.  By the sounds of it,  this will be the second biggest snow storm I have experienced in my time here in the States.   And it will be my sons second biggest also. 

Wow.  I thought we were in the home stretch.  I have my Spring colours in the store.  New facelift.  New colours.  New pieces.  I am so excited about the new look and can't wait to see the other stores who did the same this week.  Heading over there now before the bulk of the snow hits.  Does anyone know what time that is anyway.  I keep hearing different times.

Here are a few Pictures I took yesterday.  Will put in store this weekend.


                               This ring reminds me of a lovely gentleman I met one Summer in Cape May while he was vacationing.  And then again he found me at the Kimmel center in Philadelphia.  He liked the ring so much that when he saw me he was happy that he found me and bought yet another one.  So,  in honour of Shakespeare,  yes, Shakespeare,  I am calling this line,  "Shakespeare".       

Well,  heading over to Cape May now.  Stay safe, stay warm. 

See you when the snow melts.



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