Get your updates here and check back often.  The holidays are soon appoaching,   aaaaHHHH!!!!!    What to do,  what to do????   Well,  while I have no shows on the horizon just yet I was thinking about placing a promotional,  sale page on my website.  Those who are on the mailing list will be updated when the page is complete.  Also my tweets and facebook fans will be alerted.  So, please if you wish to be updated on these promotional events or sales,  add yourself to the mailing list or follow me on twitter, or become a facebook friend  or a myspace friend.  There are many ways to be alerted of any news worthy information regarding Wydinya's where abouts or just plain checking out what is new,  fresh from the studio.

Also,  one other thing.  If you know you can't get out to events and are not quite the online shopper.  Contact  Wydinya,  and Wydinya  can come to you.    Just like those tupperware parties but  Instead have a Wydinya party.   The host will receive a 30% discount on all items in Wydinya's inventory. And a free gift.   One of the stackables I have recently listed.  Below is a picture of 4 rings stacked.   Start your collection of stackables.     So,  check your calenders and let the merchandise come to you.  Shop in the comforts of your own home,   invite some friends and have a party,    the more the merrier.

See you soon.


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